The Night of

the Hunter


93 min.

“One of the greatest of

all American films… by setting his story in an invented movie world outside conventional realism, Laughton gave

it a timelessness (with)

an original eye, and a

taste for material that stretched the conventions

of the movies…a film like

no other before or since.”


           ROGER EBERT 

           Chicago Sun Times                                    


Nyack Flash

Sketch Mob

a slideshow

On June 16, local Nyack News and Views columnist and art activist Bill Batson coordinated the first ever Flash Sketch Mob- as a result, over 90 artists

came to Nyack to create

a spontaneous, composite landscape portrait of the village. 

This remarkable collection of work is set to a sound track provided by Nyack resident and professional composer John Gromada.

“This experiment in collective craftsmanship created an extraordinary

work of collaborative art.  The combined effort of almost 200 hands

produced feelings of unity and wonder in their wake.”